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Fabric Face Mask Review, Part 3 – Nordstrom Masks

We’re all wearing face masks now, so why not be comfortable and fashionable? Nordstrom offers its own sturdy cotton face masks in a variety of styles, colors and patterns for adults and children at a reasonable price of $5-7 per mask.

I bought two styles of Nordstrom’s house-brand fitted face masks. Both are comfortable, made from two-layers of cotton, and each has a pocket for a filter. Only one mask has an adjustable nose piece.

The masks are available on Nordstrom’s website. One mask is made from tightly woven cotton, and the other mask is made from stretchy cotton jersey with long ties you tie around the back of your neck. The stretchy masks include a drawstring pouch you can use for keeping extra masks clean and handy while you’re in transit.

Nordstrom also offers a pleated mask, which I didn’t try. I prefer the fitted style of face mask, which I find stays in place better. Also, one of Nordstrom’s pleated masks costs $17 per mask, which exceeds my budget.

Nordstrom sells a gaiter mask, but a Duke study found single-layer gaiter masks aren’t effective at preventing exposure to Covid-19. Studies have shown multiple layers of cotton are effective at preventing transmission of the Covid-19 virus.

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Nordstrom Assorted Print 4-Pack Adult Face Masks, Blue Indigo Combo, One Size

$25 for 4 masks, plus matching drawstring pouch

100% cotton jersey, two layers, filter pocket

No metal nose piece

Adjustable ear ties

Other colors available

I like these masks for two reasons. First, the fabric is stretchy, so they are comfortable. It’s like a soft t-shirt for your face. After a while, I almost forget I’m wearing a mask. Second, they have long ties that are soft and adjustable. You loop the ties around your ears, then tie the ends behind your neck. That way, you can take the mask off temporarily, say while eating or drinking, and it hangs around your neck. I touch only the ties, not the front of the mask, when removing my mask so my fingers don’t get contaminated by virus particles clinging to the outside of the mask. Included with the masks is a matching drawstring bag that’s useful for keeping extra masks handy and clean while you’re out and about. I like the snug fit of this mask, and the ties, which are very easy to adjust. It doesn’t put quite as much pressure on the backs of my ears as other masks do. There’s no adjustable nose piece, but the mask fits fairly well over my nose, with small gaps under my eyes, and it doesn’t slide down my nose. It’s easy to breathe through too. The mask is on the small side, so it won’t fit people with very large faces, but it may fit older children, who are likely to be putting on and taking off their masks often. It comes in a lot of patterns and colors, another plus.


Nordstrom Assorted 4-Pack Adult Face Masks, Navy Combo, One Size

$20 for 4 masks

100% cotton (or 97% cotton 3% spandex), two layers, filter pocket

Adjustable nose piece

Adjustable ear loops

Other colors available

This is a very large mask. It has an adjustable nose piece, which I found a little difficult to bend around my nose. I suspect it’s made of plastic, not metal. This mask is made without pleats, so the fit is loose. I had to pull the ear loops very tight to get it to fit snugly on my face, and even then, it gaped on the sides, under my eyes and under my chin. It’s made of two layers of cotton with a filter pocket. The mask is breathable and the adjustable ear loops are comfortable. It was too large for my husband as well, even though he has a larger nose than I do.  I wear glasses sometimes, so my glasses get fogged up if the mask doesn’t fit around my nose tightly enough. I like the tightly-woven cotton fabric and the attractive patterns. When my ears get sore from wearing ear-loop masks, I tie the ear loops together behind my head with another piece of elastic, relieving pressure on the backs of my ears. These masks should fit men with larger faces. If you have a very small face, you might want to try out the kids version of this mask.

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