Green Mojito Freeze

The weather in my area has gone from frigid to sweltering in a couple of days, so it’s time for a refreshing green mojito freeze. This alcohol-free concoction is actually good for you, since it’s a green smoothie wearing a mojito cover-up.

There’s no reason you can’t add rum to this green mojito freeze to create a cooling summer cocktail. The true mojito is a classic Cuban highball made from white rum, sugar, lime juice, seltzer and mint.

I make a mojito freeze with stevia as a sweetener and greens for pure color. Kale, spinach, almost any type of greens will work in this drink. Don’t overdo it, as I’m often tempted to do, or it will taste like a spinach freeze, which isn’t quite as appealing to the thirsty.

If you don’t have a zester, you ought to buy one to zest the limes. You can use a fine grater, but a zester is a cheap appliance (I bought mine at Ikea for a few dollars) that’s invaluable when you need it, like now, to make this freeze.

Zest three limes, then peel them. It can be tough to peel limes because their skins are so thin, made even thinner when zested. I often cheat by using a knife to remove the peel, but try to peel them if you can.

Use as much ice as your blender will handle. Mine will stop working if I tax it with too much ice, even though I like very icy freezes. If you have coconut water, use that instead of water for a little more flavor. I use very cold water I keep in the fridge.

Put everything in the blender, blend, then drink. Ahhhhh. A perfect drink to break the heat.

Springhouse Turtle Eats

Green Mojito Freeze

By Springhouse Turtle Serves: 4

A cool drink for a hot day, this green mojito freeze is made with mint and greens for a healthy twist on a classic Cuban cocktail.


  • 1 cup mint leaves
  • 1-2 drops mint extract
  • 3/4 cup water
  • Zest of 3 limes
  • 3 limes, peeled
  • 2 cups lightly packed greens (spinach, kale, etc.)
  • 1 teaspoon liquid stevia
  • 2 cups frozen pineapple
  • 2 cups ice



Put all ingredients into a blender, in order. Ice should be on top.


Blend until smooth. Stop and scrape down sides of blender as needed.


Pour into glasses, and serve immediately. Garnish with extra mint leaves.

Make a green mojito freeze with any type of mint…



…lime zest and peeled limes…

…stevia, ice…

…and frozen pineapple. Blend all ingredients together…

…and serve!

Springhouse Turtle Eats


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