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Springhouse Turtle Eats is now Springhouse Turtle, reflecting a broader focus. You’ll still see lots of gluten-free, dairy-free recipes, but you’ll start to see more about how to keep your home and family greener and free of chemicals as well as simple do-it-yourself projects.

Ever since one of my children was diagnosed with allergies years ago, I’ve researched relentlessly how to make our lives safe, clean and green. Springhouse Turtle is a way for me to share what I’ve learned.

Is my life entirely toxin-free? No, of course not. The computer I’m typing on at this very moment contains loads of toxins, but I can’t go back to pen and paper. None of us can, which is why it’s essential to reduce the amount of chemicals and other unhealthy substances in our food, water, air, clothing and homes.

I love DIY projects mostly because they’re fun and satisfying, but also because they (usually) save money. And, I can control the materials I use to make sure they’re fairly toxin free. This month, for example, I installed a runner on my front stairs using some cheap cotton rugs I bought at Ikea, leftover rug pads and a staple gun. Safety and health are paramount in everything I do, but I also look for ways to save money.

When in doubt, leave it out, is my motto. I don’t wear an Apple watch or a Fitbit because I’m not sure it’s healthy to have a device that emits radiation attached to my body 24/7. I’ve not yet researched this thoroughly (when I do, I’ll share it), but for the moment, I’m keeping my distance.

I recently needed a new mattress, so I did a lot of research until I found an organic mattress I could afford. My old mattress, purchased just before the birth of my first child, is constructed with materials that emit toxic chemicals, but most of them left the premises years ago, off-gassing while I slept. Did all those chemicals contribute to my family’s allergies? There’s no way to know for certain, but why take chances going forward?

So now you’ll be able to read what I’ve discovered in my search for an organic mattress, about water filtration, about getting rid of plastics, about finding non-toxic sunscreens and about many more of the changes I’ve made over the years to keep my home, family and pets healthy and safe. Springhouse Turtle will expand not only with the zillions of recipes I’m itching to create but also with the knowledge I acquire about how to live a healthy, green lifestyle. As always, please email me to let me know what you think.

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